Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sita Sings the Blues - Enjoy a wonderful movie this Diwali

Just watched "Sita sings the Blues" an extremely innovative animated film that has Sita (of the the famous Indian traditional epic Ramayana fame) singing love songs in the voice of a famous 1920's blue artiste Annette Henshaw.
If this does not sound positively mystifying, then I don't know what will !

Even more interestingly the story of Sita's trial by fire after being rescued from Lanka is juxtaposed against Nina Paley's (the creator of the movie) breakup with her boyfriend in present day New York.

Excellent animation, lively back ground commentary, and some great blues song that are remarkably relevant has lead to a fantastic movie.
For all those interested, the creator provides a free torrent link at her website, which is also a treasure trove of information regarding this movie.
Watch it this Diwali and enjoy !