Thursday, October 29, 2015

An email discussion with my sister about the validity of old Hindu scriptures with special reference to Gods

This is an email discussion that I am posting with minimum changes about an  email discussion that I had recently with my (about to become) celebrity author sister (she is writing a book about the psychology of weight loss).
The discussion focused on the validity of old Hindu scriptures with special reference to Gods. As you can probably make out, she believes that our old Indian people were highly advanced and Gods exist for a reason.
I am the slightly less creatively inclined scientific (doctor) mind, and my take is a bit different.
Here is how the discussion went
Just interesting to note that ancient texts had use for such large numbers. Scarcely seems they were unthinking aborigines who were afraid of everything from lightening to snakes and made gods of them to quell their fears.
U find it interesting that ancient texts and stories have all these astronomical numbers?
Btw they even have (not listed here but elsewhere on wiki) quantum sized numbers

They used large numbers hence all the gods make sense. 
Thats the kind of "logic" I face daily ;) (this refers to a family member of mine who strongly believes in black magic and the likes)
The life span in Kali yuga is supposed to go from 100 to 20....
That sure seems to be happening as well. (Sarcasm :)

Can u try to see me as different from other people around you? Or is it just "my way or the yada-yada way" for you?
All I was trying to do was see what kind of people/ civilisation it was about 5000 years ago... trying to get into their heads, so to speak... but you seem more scared & inflexible (not open) than some superstitious people! 

Cool... seem to have hit a raw spot somewhere .... I guess...
I think when we start attributing everything that is being done today by major scientific discoveries as a sort of confirmation of what is already known in old esoteric texts, we are going down a slippery slope
How it seems to go is
 ... Ohh you found water on mars... well the vedas already knew that ...
you found bacteri in callisto- we already said it ...
ET from alpha centauri .... come on did you not read your upanishadas !!

There are quite a few easily understood things that have not been clearly mentioned in the older texts ... as far as I know  
For example ... 
Theory of Germs
Theory of evolution
Non earth/ sun centricity of the Universe 
These are just a few examples that I can think at the present point of time.
I am sure that really learned people have done wonders in the past, with meditation and looking at the inner world ... but I am quite sure they did not know everything.
Millions of Gods in my opinion reflect the importance of Nature in man's traditional life - may not just be because they were scared - Rain god because you would die if it did not rain ... & you would have a good life if it did ....

And that's why I love you!

Would love to hear some interesting views on this debate, especially with some weirdly different ideas.