Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Social Media Marketing for small business - 3 simple tips on how it is done

Let's get down to virtual brass tacks. Say I own a bike shop. Give me three concrete things I can do to start building a community that may also generate a return.
Dave: Great example! Here are three concrete things:
1) Start, always, with your current customers. Put up signs in your store offering 10% off to those who like you on Facebook. Your customers' friends will notice and help generate more qualified fans.
2) Buy $100 in Facebook ads targeted to people in your town. Use Facebook's targeting system to reach people who like "biking" or "bikes" or "riding bikes." Drive them to like your page and not to your website.
3) Share great content with your fans: Pictures of people in bikes, a video of a cute kid learning how to ride a bike, a stat about how much healthier bikers are than non-bikers. Better yet, ask your customers and fans to share their best biking photos.
Then watch your leads and sales come in over time, all from just $100 and some of your time invested. Yes, it's that easy--but only if it's done right.

PS: I am starting a gummy vitamin supplement business for children - 100 % vegetarian gummies, once a day for children in India. I hope that these tips would help me become a better entrepreneur.