Thursday, August 7, 2014

My new love - my mi 3 phone, for the first time in India ...! Here is my initial review

I am loving it....
It is actually a budget phone which is NOT a budget phone,
There is a great comparison between this phone and the LG G2 and to be honest this does not come out too badly

It is a fantastic piece of work at this price point,
You would really enjoy all the bells & whistles that are available in the camera mode

(To  be honest I have not tinkered with the camera yet !)

It is already pre-rooted, just need to d/l a small file, and you actually can toggle the root on & off.
They have a great forum, with updates EVERY FRIDAY .... (for the developer's version), stable versions are once every couple of months. The MIUI is a great software loaded on top of Android - in this case 4.4.2....

The build of the phone is very sleek, and up market, using a magnesium plastic alloy that makes it very light and comfortable, with a 5 inch full HD screen that has 441 pixel density .... at just 145 gm.
I have bought a tempered glass 0.3 mm screen protector, and a smart Flip cover with a software to use the phone using just the Flip cover window ....

(At a price of 14,000 - NOTHING !)
Non expandable 16 GB Memory
Not too much literature in English available at present
No idea about service centers, though they have over 30 located in 20 cities including Chandigarh.
Buggy Flip cover software 

As you can probably read from my long rambling.... I really LIKE IT :)