Sunday, June 28, 2009

1 day, 3 movies

So I had a cold the other day. Decided to take a day off from the clinic. Thought should watch a movie on my laptop. Started with 1 , quickly became two, and by the night I had done 3 movies !!!
This has happened after a very long time, but was pretty cool :-)
I saw Fanboys (URL), Coraline , and Tripping the rift.
I love animation and if it involves Neil Gaiman - lips drooling
So Coraline is this gorgeous animated movie that I have discussed in my last blog post. The "other" world for the little Coraline has enough beauty but still gives you a feeling of unease. Suffice to say that it is worth watching for the stunning animation alone.
Fanboys is something that sci-fi fans like me would love. It is unpretentiously geeky, and loads of fun. It is about a group of 4 star wars fans who decide to rob the Skywalker ranch of George Lucas to find & watch the uncut version of the new Star Wars movie before it is released. I never knew that there was so much hostility between Star Trek & the Star Wars universe !
Tripping the rift is another animation sci-fi movie based on a TV series, and it looks the part. It features a group of weirdly shaped aliens lead by a purple colored equivalent of Spongebob Sqaurepants, who are smugglers in the future. It resembles an adult version of Futurama with loads of profanity and nudity but with a sense of humor. They do a good job of making fun of lots of recent movies / TV series including Terminator, Desperate Housewives, Indiana Jones etc. However I did find that the jokes became a bit stale at some point. I prefer Futurama, though I would be interested in watching some of the initial TV series episode of this series.

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