Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A request from a Personal Friend regarding donation for specific family with Muscular Dystrophy who had petitioned for Mercy killing from President

I am forwarding an email from a dear friend who is doing huge work in the field of Muscular Dystrophy in India, specifically in Himachal Pradesh. She has received the President's medal for the same, and is herself a patient of Muscular Dystrophy.

This heartfelt email is my attempt to help the poor family suffering from severe poverty and muscular dystrophy.

" Greetings from IAMD!

We hope all of you are enjoying great health and a good weather!

As you are aware we are working for the cause of Muscular Dystrophy since 1992. We are running many projects to give relief, rehabilitation to the people living with muscular Dystrophy in our country. You can see more about our work and the profile of the organization, on our website We welcome you to be a part of our growing family and help us promote the cause of Muscular dystrophy, and other severe disabilities.

Muscular dystrophy is a severely debilitating condition of body muscles, where the muscles loose strength, over period of time, leaving the person totally crippled and dependent on the others for even basic chores. It is a progressive genetic disorder and is incurable till date. Generally it comes to more than one sibling in a family. Some forms of MD are seen in infancy or childhood, while others may appear until middle age or later.

Recently we have come across a family where there are four children living with MD.The family was under heavy debt and had filed for mercy killing from the president of India.

With no permanent source of income, the family wants to set a new tent house at the cost of 2.5 lack rupees only.

We sincerely urge you to spare some money to donate to the cause of this family and help us bring the smile back on their faces.

We request you to donate Rs. 2000/- only as contribution. It will be a great support if you kindly give your share. All money will be used to create a corpus fund to help the family set up the tent house and take care of their basic medical and living needs.

Please choose one of the following ways to send your contributions:

· On line in the Bank account Number State Bank of India, 30560503263, Indian Association of Muscular Dystrophy.

· For Overseas donations our FCRA account no. is 182540019, Axis Bank, Solan, Himachal Pradesh.

· Circulate this message amongst your friends and collect the fund.

· This is just for your information that we are 80Gand 12A compliant organization.

Be a proud donor! Help us give someone a life of dignity and peace!

Sanjana Goyal, 9418054877
Indian Assn.of Muscular Dystrophy,

C/O M/S Stitch-N-Style
Hospital Road
Solan H.P.173212

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