Monday, March 19, 2012

Kahaani- A view - The hero - Kolkata, the heroine - Vidya Balan, and the villain - The story full of loopholes

I was a bit hesitant to write this one, since it appears that most people / reviewers have given a very high rating to the movie.
However, I was disappointed. I love the depiction of kolkata, the 'realistic' potrayal by Vidya Balan of a lost pregnant soul, and some brilliant performances by the supporting casts.
But for anyone who has watched even a few English thrillers, the story has more holes than in a spider's web. And some of the characters action just do not make sense, while motivations of many including the perpetrator of the terrorist attac remain mysterious. The finale, while packing a punch, is still quite cliche'd.
To be honest, my mom (who does not watch a lot of English movies BTW) loved it, and most of the reviews seem to love it too. But for me some more attention to the script would have taken this above the ordinary. 

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