Tuesday, April 8, 2014

HTC 8x phone frozen, back cover not removable, what to do ?

I always like to be a bit different than the rest of the crowd. Hence I either try to buy something at a discount (Value for Money) with a feature that I want, or I buy something that is generally not bought by others.
Thus I ended up buying an HTC Windows Phone - 8X since it had great hardware specs, and I wanted to try the Windows Mobile Ecosystem, after living with Android for the last couple of years.
Long story short, I managed to freeze the 8X while playing a game, kudos to Windows software, that this has happened for the first time after having the phone for more than 4 months now !
Since I was unable to open the back cover & remove the battery, here is the solution that worked, 
"simultaneously press power and volume down for more than 15 seconds "
Voila, the phone rebooted & I was on my way again!

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