Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My search for desktop blogging software

I have been unhappy with the speed of google apps, both blogger and gmail have been extremely slow in the past few weeks. Hence I have shifted to thunderbird as my email client.
This is the reason I decided that I should have a standalone software for writing my blog entries. While I do have the scribefire extension for firefox, I am not very comfortable using, probably because I have to open a browser window and be online while trying to use it, and I do not comment on specific websites in my blog.
Hence I am going to try a different desktop software. As usual I have begin with a google search and here are a few good articles that I have found....
and another one
and what claims to be the ultimate list of desktop blogging applications
I am thinking about Bleezer or Qumana
I generally like single author software for their lack of bloatware, however Bleezer has not been updated in a long time (since 2007). Qumana is in version 3 and looks like a good software. Let me see, I will keep you updated on whatever choice I make,
UPDATE: I have started with RAVEN by Zoundry due to the excellent reviews given at the ultimate list comments section.

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