Monday, April 20, 2009

Fried Green Zombies

Since I got my Ipod Touch, I have experienced a new form of entertainment, the audiobook & podcasts. Podcasting was the rage in 2006-2007, and was considered to be the next big thing. As usual I completely missed it! However now in 2009, with my ipod touch, and an FM transmitter (itrip - i have the black one :), I have an easy option to listen to audiobooks and podcasts during my travel in the car, to work and beyond. In normal city drive, concentrating on the "serious stuff" becomes a bit difficult, so I was looking for a light 'hearing book'. Browsing through the excellent site for free audiobooks called Podiobooks, I stumbled upon Fried Green Zombies.

While I do read a lot of fiction, with a large pre-ponderance of sci-fi and fantasy, I have never read anything to do with zombies, nor watched movies regarding the same. However always game for a new experience, I decided to give this a try. As of now I ma half way through and really looking forward to every episode of this fun light read about unemployed construction workers, busty burqa-clad alien called Bob, a crooked sheriff, two procrastinating bumbling aliens in a UFO, a nerd and of course LOTS and LOTS of Zombies.

I guess one of the reason why I found Zombies to be fun was that since they are already dead, and want you dead as well, violence against them seems ... well "harmless" ! And this is far better that hearing trashy repeats of new songs on the various FM channels in Chandigarh's excuse for music.

Before this I finished an excellent audiobook called Hunting Elf. While I have owned both dogs and cats, I guess I am more of a dog person. Hunting Elf is a great romp with Elf, a champion-bred Silky Terrier who lives a dog's life--when he chooses--with hapless Dan McCoy and his capable wife, June, in the leafy suburbs north of New York City. So many of his antics remind of some of the pets that we have had in our childhood days!

Till we meet again - Dasvidanya

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