Thursday, January 19, 2012

The best movie of 2011 - A review of Drive

I was honestly searching for the best movies to watch, and I found this one as listed by many different websites as the number 1 movie of 2011. since I love action/ thriller movies, and prefer movies that allow a little of the brain to be used, I was intrigued.
And I was certainly not disappointed.Ryan Gosling has delivered an incredible performance as the lone driver (without a name), who drives getaway cars, acts a stunt man in movies, and also works in a garage. The calm and quite demeanor that hides so much hidden and lurking danger, is conveyed in an excellent fashion.
The pacing of the movie, the editing and the mood created are phenomenal. Not very wordy, with choregraphed slow but clear action sequences, it keeps your mind thinking about what is likely to happen next. The Danish director is a revelation, and he certainly escehws a lot of Hollywood cliches, while making Drive a thriller to remember.
Here are the ratings & reviews for Drive (2011) at Rotten Tomatoes 

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