Monday, January 9, 2012

Movie Review - Cloverfield - Unique concept, well executed!

JJ Abrams is an interesting guy. I love most of the movies he does. Got to know about him as a producer for a great movie called Super 8. He has also produced the latest MI - 4 movie, and the latest Star Trek flick.
Also being an SF lover, I was really looking forward to Cloverfield, again produced by JJ Abrams.
I was so not disappointed!
The movie is shot as an amateur video from the eyes of a few friends, as New York's Manhattan district is attacked (& devastated) by monsters of unknown origin. The movie is cleverly executed, both in its pacing and story line.
What I really found fascinating was that the ending was so open-ended with many questions left unanswered, including the origin of the monsters.
The special effects are top notch, and the monster ravaged New York is so believable. The idea of the amateur video may have been inspired by "The Blair Witch Project" and copied by other movies (including the excellent Norwegian flick "Trollhunter") but the believable characters, the rapid action packed storyline and avoiding many cliches make this a definite must see for all SF fans, and worth a watch for the non-believers too :)
Gets a 4.5 star out of 5 in my book

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