Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Saibo in the city - a review of Shor in the City

However dumb and regressive be the serials made by Ekta Kapoor, the movies made by her banner have been 'interesting'. Love Sex aur Dhokha, Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai, Shor in the City, Ragini MMS and The Dirty Picture have done well commercially, but more importantly have been gritty, thought provoking and intense. 
This review is about Shor in the city, a movie that looks at the 'commoners' in mumbai and how they react and adapt to life in this city that never sleeps. It has lots of reference to crime, and cricket, and ganpati visarjan (now a staple of most mumbai movies), but the one thing that it does very well is that the story never flags and is full of surprising twists and turns right till the end. I am not a fan of Tusshaar Kapoor, but he carries the role of the wannabe respectable/ intellectual crook with a heart of gold, with admirable restraint. 
The other characters are also well cast, very believable and make an impact. Loved 'Mandook', the irrepressible friend of Tusshaar, especially. Saibo, the song is one of the most haunting melodies of 2011, and a favorite of mine. While the film uses real life stories as a base, it retains all the edge of a thriller. Some of the sequences, like the child and the bomb, the 'most natural' kiss scene between the wannabe cricketer and his girlfriend - she actually asks him to stop kiss her because it is paining since her lips are dry :) are truly amazing, and remain etched long after the movie is over.  

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